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Each of our candles is meant to provoke a thought, feeling, or vibe to help your inner light shine through.

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A Letter From Logan

This company was started out of love and growth. It started as an idea one night when I was unable to sleep, which is very rare for me. I had been sober for about two years, and knew that there needed to be a next chapter in my life. I knew that there was something else in me that the world had not yet received. Thats the moment Radiant Light was born.

The name Radiant Light comes from a belief that even in our darkest times there is light and beauty. There is a saying we have all heard, "Find Your Light". You have found it. I hope that my handmade candles are able to bring you peace on a tough day, or just make a great day a little bit better.

That is why I created Radiant Light. To remind people that they have a light that the word deserves to see. To remind people to take moment to do something for themselves, even if its just light a candle with a scent they love. Sometimes the smallest things in our day can shift our mood. So rather you are getting a gift for a friend or family member, or treating yourself, enjoy it!

With sincere love and gratitude,

Logan Jospeh