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Vanilla Fusion - 12oz Candle

Vanilla Fusion - 12oz Candle

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Experience the rich tapestry of fall with our exquisite "Vanilla Fusion" candle, a gem from our Fall Collection. Embrace the cozy essence as the velvety notes of vanilla meld seamlessly with the vibrant undertones of pomegranate and citrus. The subtle allure of musk and the delicate whisper of jasmine create a harmonious symphony, evoking the magic of autumn's transition. "Vanilla Fusion" is a sensory journey, where warmth and freshness combine, bringing the essence of crisp air and fallen leaves indoors. Illuminate your space with this captivating blend, whether you're seeking solace or sharing moments with loved ones. Let the inviting fragrance of "Vanilla Fusion" transform your surroundings into an oasis of fall splendor, capturing the very heart of the season's enchantment.


  • Top – Lemon, Orange
  • Middle – Pomegranate, Jasmine
  • Base – Vanilla, Musk
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